• Your Daily Ritual

  • For Mental Clarity, Beauty, Energy and Immunity In A Spoonful Of Raw Superfood Honey

Your Daily Ritual

For Mental Clarity, Beauty, Energy and Immunity In A Spoonful Of Raw Superfood Honey Get Started

Move aside pills, helllooo honey

Powered by nature, ancient knowledge, and science for Mental Clarity, GLO-ing Skin, and Cellular Energy.

Bundle It.

207 daily servings of 3 nutrient-dense food supplements to replace pills, powders & capsules. Works separately or synergistically.

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Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusion 3-Pack: Glo, Energy & Clarity Dietary Supplements
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Going Somewhere?

Take the 2.3oz travel jars for a unique blend of raw honey and botanicals. Crucial nutrients in their most natural primal form.

Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusion 3-Pack: Glo, Energy & Clarity Dietary Supplements
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Activated Odnova Honey
Contains medicinal mushrooms + adaptogenic compounds.

Ancient, Natural Medicine
Blending Ayurveda, Chinese & Holistic Adaptogens.

Shelf-Stable Product
That people want to eat.

Bioavailable Micronutrients
A great carrier for other plant sources, and is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral.

Great Sugar Substitute
For your tea, coffee, smoothies + more!

Powerful Spoonful
Replaces pills, capsules, or powders to aid the body organically.

69 Daily Servings
Crucial nutrients rich in superfoods and minerals w/in each 12oz jar.

Save Money
By not having to buy each superfood individually!

Discover Odnova

What Are You Thinking?

  • Why Us?

    We like to see vitamins and medicine in food form, the way nature intends, and for our bodies to easily digest them. Our three supplements combine the best in Ayurveda, Chinese and Holistic Medicine with ground-breaking scientific studies.

    Many other brands don’t educate on how taking several pills at once can reduce absorption or may result in adverse reactions. So we’ve carefully selected certain ingredients that work holistically and synergistically, as well as providing immediate bioavailable nutrients.

    We started our own brand because we were tired of seeing other companies pack their supplements with binders, fillers, GMOs, synthetic toxins, and preservatives. Even some powders have a bad taste or were too grainy which made drinking protein shakes unsmooth, unpleasant, or less appetizing.

    We also found it frustrating finding food products that avoid unethical, health or environmental reasons. So we work with ethical suppliers that provide an individual Certificate of Analytics for ANY contamination. Each Odnova has been Proposition 65 Certified (which identifies the level of purity of the product).

  • What Is Odnova Honey?

    We are the leader in innovative Herbal Honey Fusions. We’ve been around evolving and working with other stores since 2017. Focusing on optimal health through unique phytogenic mineral blends of honey that are tailored to support individual health goals or to address nutrient deficiencies over conventional vitamins and powders.

  • Where do you source and manufacture your ingredients?

    We’re made with love in the beautiful state of California. Our small family-owned beekeepers are around California and some of our other ingredients are from around the world. We are very selective choosing our suppliers and our ingredients. This process took a great deal of research, countless meetings with herbalists and other medical professionals, and travels to over 36 countries from Asia to Europe to South America.

  • How fast does it work?

    Because of it’s bioavailability, it starts getting to work within minutes. With Odnova Clarity, you’ll start to notice a sense of calm and increased alertness. With Odnova Energy, steady and long-lasting cellular energy throughout the day, unlike the quick jittering high and lows you get with strong coffee. With Odnova Glo, it targets collagen support and blood flow. Like with many supplementation, consistent use is key.*

  • How much do I take?

    A teaspoon a day is effective enough, but you are free to take spoonfuls throughout the day as needed. Our customers love to also mix a spoonful of Odnova in their tea, smoothies, and other refreshments as well.

  • Can I take Odnova Glo, Clarity, and Energy together?

    Yes! To optimize the benefits of each formula, we recommend that Energy is taken before physical activity, Clarity before mental activity and GLO in the evening after last meal.

  • What does activated honey mean?

    It's a honey that has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to possess antibacterial "activity." With each Odnova jar, you’ll find the label Phyto 16, 17, or 18. The numbers in our case indicate that there’s a specific amount of “active ingredients“ in each formula, eg. phyto 16 - 16 active, individual botanicals (phyto means plant in Latin) in the jar that contribute to the particular health benefits we describe for this particular product.

    Additionally, activated honey is a honey that has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to possess antibacterial “activity.” Although Manuka is the most commonly known active honey, other honeys also have antibacterial activity. The microbial chart in Odnova Honey makes our honey even more medicinal than Manuka with a diverse composition of prebiotics, plus strong digestive enzymes.*

  • How will Odnova Clarity calm and help me focus?

    Stress causes very real physical changes in the body, including harming the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. The adaptogens within Clarity have stimulant properties that help counteract those harmful effects, while increasing mental work capacity, and enhancing attention.* Learn more >

  • Should I take Odnova Energy before or after my workout?

    Either or both! For a preworkout, it organically supports the body by elevating stamina and endurance, while improving oxygen utilization. For postworkout, it nourishes the body with turmeric, an anti-inflammatory agent, and the entire superfood formula also provides fast nutritional support on a cellular level, enabling the muscle capacity to rest and recover with a balanced interior.* Learn more >

  • How is Odnova Glo a beauty builder?

    Ingestible beauty is catching on, and for good reason. Skin cosmetics don’t always cut it. Glo is a carefully curated, nourishing beauty supplement, which promotes youthful and radiant looking skin from the inside out. Naturally nurturing the body with essential vitamins, minerals and active botanicals*. Learn more >

  • Should I take these honey blends over my other daily vitamins?

    We recommend taking these blends because we found it’s what every body needs; with life enzymes, prebiotic, probiotic, trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other phytonutrients. Though, not every ingredient may be for everyone. Note: Always seek professional medical advice in all matters concerning your health.*

  • What does it taste like?

    It has an earthy sweetness that tastes real. If you crave sweets but don’t want to give in to desserts with high sugar and carbs, this is for you! Each formula has slight flavor variance between the three ODNOVAs, however all are a primarily sweet mix of phytonutrients which add a woody undertone. We’re told, one spoonful is very powerful - you won’t need any more than that daily - unless you want to.

  • What is the consistency of Odnova?

    Consistency can be different depending on many variables. As we use raw, unprocessed, certified-organic honey. Over time some form of crystallization should occur which speaks to the purity of honey. If living in a warm climate, ODNOVA can also become liquid; the quality of the product is not diminished by the consistency whether liquid or solid.

  • My Odnova has crystallized and does not resemble fluid honey consistency, is it still good?

    Yes! The quality of the product is not diminished by the consistency, whether liquid or solid. The crystallization naturally occurs due to the pure honey we use, if you prefer a more liquid formula, you can always warm it up by placing the jar in hot water. We recommend to keep the formula temperature below 118ºF (48°C) in order to preserve the live naturally-occuring cultures in the honey.

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Hannah M.

"I use ENERGY in my oatmeal bowls for sweetness! Love that it gives me cellular energy, so many superfoods in one tasty honey mixture! So glad I found this!"

Jennifer B.

"I’ve been using Odnova each morning on an empty stomach. I look forward to the invigorating experience in each teaspoon. A small amount is very powerful."

Jose F.

“It’s nice to have something that tastes real. I use CLARITY daily to feel calm and focused, and to juggle workloads without the jittery feeling I get from coffee.”

Discover Odnova

Our Mission

Reuse your biophotonic glass jars when done. The molecular makeup of the glass helps preserve the shelf life and helps activate any ingredient within them.
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10% off your first order goes to the Environmental Defense Fund to help preserve our fellow pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
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