Equilibrium State.

ODNOVA in Polish language means “ renewal”, “revitalize”, “rejuvenate”. These qualities directly express the main functionality of each ODNOVA formula.

ODNOVA starts with organic honey, which acts as a base to enhance the body’s ability to take advantage of the benefits of each of the ingredients. We strongly believe that pure, whole ingredients presented in food form are most beneficial to human body and our ability to incorporate supplements as a positive part of everyone’s daily routine.

ODNOVA products are supplements in a food form, they are harmonizing to the entire body without overstimulating other parts of the organism. All food intake creates an emotional and physical body reaction. ODNOVA intends to recreate the state of homeostasis by delivering a substantial amount of crucial nutrients in their most natural primal form.

Our products are created with the intention to reach a harmonizing, balancing, and centering feeling; we call it an Equilibrium State.


ingredients in our formulas target the mind and the body differently.
Odnova is a super concentrated blend of 8 groups of the most nutrient -
dense, revitalizing, nourishing, adaptogenic botanicals. For exact
ingredients in each formula, see each products’s page.