Questions & Answers

I don’t know which ODNOVA formula to buy, how do I make a choice?

This depends on your needs, however you can use the basic benefits of each
formula as a guide in making the decision. If you’re concerned about
your skin appearance and elasticity, we recommend ODNOVA GLO. If you
work out regularly and would like to help your body recover and enhance
your performance, try ODNOVA Energy. If you find it hard to concentrate
and focus on tasks, we recommend ODNOVA Clarity. You’ll also find that
we sell 3-packs, where you can combine the effects of all three formulas and see which one is most helpful for you.

What does ODNOVA taste like? Are the three formulas, GLO, Energy and Clarity different in taste?

The primary ingredient in ODNOVA is honey, making every teaspoon taste sweet.
Each formula is a mix of phytonutrients which add a woody undertone.
There is a slight flavor variance between the three ODNOVAs, however all
are primarily sweet.

What is the consistency of ODNOVA?

Consistency can be different depending on many variables. As we use raw, unprocessed, certified-organic honey, over time some form of crystallization should occur which speaks to the purity of honey. If living in a warm climate, ODNOVA can also become liquid; the quality of the product is not diminished by the consistency whether liquid or solid.

My ODNOVA has crystallized and does not resemble fluid honey consistency, is it still good?

Yes! The quality of the product is not diminished by the consistency, whether liquid or solid. The crystallization naturally occurs due to the pure honey we use, if you
prefer a more liquid formula, you can always warm it up by placing the jar in hot water. We recommend to keep the formula temperature below
118ºF (48°C) in order to preserve the live naturally occuring cultures in the honey.

Can I take ODNOVA GLO, Clarity and Energy together?

Yes! To optimize the benefits of each formula, we recommend that Energy is taken before physical activity, Clarity before mental activity and GLO in the evening after last meal.

Can I take more than the recommended one teaspoon a day of ODNOVA?

Yes! In fact, because ODNOVA is treated by your body as food, you can take as little or as much as needed, however for maximized benefits, one teaspoon of each ODNOVA is enoug

Can I mix ODNOVA with a hot drink?

Yes! As ODNOVA’s base is honey, the formula will easily dissolve, however you may notice some separation of ingredients. In order to preserve the live naturally-occuring cultures in the the formula, the temperature of
the drink should remain below 118ºF (48°C). In any drink that is above 118ºF (48°C) some components of ODNOVA such as medicinal mushrooms and
herbs are activated and absorbed by your body faster.

Can I mix ODNOVA with a cold drink?

Yes! You may find that as the base of ODNOVA is honey, it will not dissolve as easily as it would in hot water.

Does ODNOVA contain any added sugars?

No! Even though the nutritional label states that there are ‘added sugars’ in the formula, this is referring to the raw, certified organic, unprocessed and medicinal-grade honey. :)

Is ODNOVA Vegetarian?

Yes! See the nutritional label of each jar on each product’s page for full details.

Is ODNOVA Vegan?

No. Considering that vegan diet consists of plant-based foods, since honey comes from bees, ODNOVA is not considered vegan. See the nutritional label of each jaron each product’s page for full details.

Is ODNOVA nut-free?

Yes! See the nutritional label of each jar on each product’s page for full details.

Is ODNOVA gluten-free?

Yes! See the nutritional label of each jar on each product’s page for full details.

Is ODNOVA raw?


Is ODNOVA sodium-free?


Is ODNOVA soy-free?


How is the honey in ODNOVA different from store-bought honey?

We are proud to work and support our local beekeepers to ensure the purity and quality of the USDA certified-organic, raw honey. Our honey is never heated above 118ºF (48°C) which allows it to retain the health benefits of naturally-occuring live cultures and polyphenols. The bees making the honey are never fed any sugars, or antibiotics.

Can men use ODNOVA GLO?

Yes! We want all women AND men to GLO from within!

Is ODNOVA dairy-free?


Does ODNOVA take place of a probiotic?

Any ODNOVA formula may assist with digestion due to the active probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics (available only in food form) and digestive enzymes found in bee products. However we do recommend consulting a
registered-dietitian to determine the strain of probiotics best suited for your biome at the time.

How should I store ODNOVA?

We recommend storing ODNOVA at room temperature. Due to the high quality of packaging, the innovative technology of biophotonic violet glass jars- the formula retains its quality regardless of where it’s stored. Find out more about our unique packaging here. In order to preserve the high
quality of honey we use, we do not recommend heating ODNOVA above 118ºF(48°C).

Does ODNOVA ever expire?

Every jar of ODNOVA has an expiration date listed on a sticker on the bottom of the jar, we recommend using this as guidance. We would like to note
here that the medicinal grade of the raw honey we use acts as a natural preservative.

What should I do with the jar after finishing ODNOVA?

Reuse or recycle! Our unique biophotonic violet glass jars are easy to reuse in any household. They protect the contents of what is inside due to the special colod and molecular makeup of the glass making them perfect for
storing precious things. Read more about our packaging here.

Where is ODNOVA manufactured?

ODNOVA is made with love in the beautiful state of California.

How Ormus effects the body and how it changes the energy of the formula?

These substances seem to, not only affect the health of our physical body, but what is known as our subtle body. The subtle body has been explained in many spiritual traditions by different terms such as “The Light Body” or our “Aura”. Ormus can affect the subtle body by interacting with our inherent energy system which governs how we produce immediate energy (Qi) and how we are cultivating stored energy (Jing). It can help to ground the energy as
well influence our ability to gain clarity and enter into a deeper meditative state. Some experts believe that these substances can help us
manifest our dreams faster and with less resistance if consumed regularly.

The dead sea salt method extracted Ormus in ODNOVA greatly changes the dynamics of this product. Ormus simply acts as a “potentiator” for the original ingredients in this
product and helps to amplify their effects. The use of bee products, specifically honey combined with Ormus, helps to enhance one of nature's most energetically concentrated foods due to it’s high enzymatic concentration, not to forget that honey is cultivated by one of nature's
most anomalous creatures, the Bee. The superfoods and adaptogenic herbsare thought to be highly effective by the combination of Ormus as these
foods originally contain fractions of ormus materials themselves.

What are the spiritual effects of consuming Ormus ODNOVA?

The spiritual benefits will be different for everyone but one thing that is common for people who consume this product is that they get a surge of natural energy with very minimal amounts. The potential for increased clarity and mood enhancement is dramatic as every ingredient is specifically designed to boost brain function, cardiovascular strength, immune protection, and physical flexibility. These are the main physical problems people struggle with that hinders their ability to tap into
their spiritual practice. When we alleviate pain and allow the body to heal naturally our spiritual clarity is greatly improved.