• Growing up in Poland during
    communism, I was struggling with a heart condition from an early age,
    always tired and anemic, if not in a hospital often in bed. Like many
    who struggle to achieve ideal or even just stable health, I spent
    countless hours and dollars trying nutritional supplements in all forms —
    pills, powders, juices, and treatments — only to be told I must try a
    different treatment. I couldn’t find one product, food, supplement that
    would give my body all it needs: life enzymes, prebiotic, probiotic,
    trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other phytonutrients. Tired
    of choking down handfuls of incompatible supplements, I took back the
    reins of my personal health by attending a holistic medicine university
    in Wroclaw, Poland, where I spent the next four years studying the
    relationship between nutrition, and balanced health.

    Equipped with cutting-edge
    nutritional education and a passion for producing the optimal solution, I
    began developing my first honey fusion product in the kitchen of my own
    Los Angeles home 10 years ago. I looked to Chinese, Ayurveda and
    Holistic medicine for understanding of the benefits each ingredient can

    I have decided to expand the scope of
    my original Honey Fusion product to create three improved,
    nutritionally conscious formulas that deliver a more balanced,
    harmonious experience upon ingestion, while empowering customers to take
    an informed approach to addressing their unique health needs. That is
    also why it was important to me that these formulas are made without
    compromises, combining only the most pure, unprocessed, raw and organic
    ingredients from best sources packaged sustainably.

  • We both noticed that when we take ODNOVA, within minutes, it gives us energy and keeps us focused. It is not the nervous "coffee energy" though! Also because of it's Ormus content it creates a calm, grounded feeling. We both sleep very well at night from it. I have been taking ODNOVA for three months now, there's been a lot of sick people around me and I didn't catch it. Maria also noticed that she has a heightened sense of intuition and well being. My favorites are Energy and Glo. Maria's favorites are Clarity and Glo.



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  • As the head trainer at Malibu Fitness for over 30 years, it is important for me to keep my energy level up and to look and feel my best. I am always in search of products that will help me achieve maximum health. Working out hard can be taxing on your adrenals and Gosha's products help to keep them functioning properly. I have been using GLO and love what it has done for my skin!



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