How to use and benefits.

How to use and benefits.



All our Adaptogenic Potions are in a form of paste (think of a nutella-like consistency.)

It is intentional that they are being developed in the FOOD FORM, not in a pill, capsule or powder. As we subscribe to a scientific QUANTUM perspective which indicates that other than foods, our body significantly rejects majority of nutrients on a cellular level.

That is also the reason we call it conscious nutrition.

There are two ways to use it:

1. For more detoxifying benefits; use 1 teaspoon of any ODNOVA on an empty stomach the very first thing in the morning. It can be with or without water. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes to eat your breakfast. 
The purpose: After waking up in the morning our entire organism is fully focused on cleansing, and on removal of any waste that has been accumulated in your organs and your skin tissue.
2. Great for supporting your digestion track before your meal or with your meal, can be added to any smoothies, juices, tea coffee (for making an adaptogenic and alkaline elixirs and tonics.) Each Odnova adds a noticeable amount of Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics and Digestive Enzymes, helping with breaking down carbohydrates , proteins, sugar and fat.

Each Odnova has an Adaptogenic Functionality, meaning it supports your entire body, physically and emotionally to any stressors and external extremes, which normally contribute to shortening our life spam. Therefore Odnova is a great Longevity Potion.


- enjoy!


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