My intention behind creating ODNOVA.

My intention behind creating ODNOVA.


So many of you asked me  why I created ODNOVA, so I decided to dedicate this blog to this subject. The story started when I was a little girl, growing up under a communistic regime in a reality where food was a luxury, having a bathroom was my biggest dream . I recall asking my mom “what is this?” pointing on a facet in the kitchen, since I have not seen water coming out of it . Standing in a long line outside to buy a bread and butter at 6am regardless the cold, rain, snow, darkness was a part of my day to day reality while growing up. I was always cold and most of the time sick.   

As a consequence of being so malnutrient  I developed an advanced anemia which turned to heart problems. I remember spending 4 months in a hospital missing entire summer , the only time of the year when kids could play outside. It was the most difficult time of my life , waiting for my mom to visit me once a week , because she needed to work and take care of my little sister during the week.  I was sick most of the time, even as young adult I was forced to swallow so many pills that I developed aversion against it. And like many who struggle to achieve ideal or even just stable health, I spent countless hours and dollars trying different pills , capsules , powders and juices only to be told I must need more and I need to try something new. 

In 1998 I took back the reins of my personal health by attending a Holistic Medicine University in Wroclaw, Poland , where I studies different approaches of holistic medicine like Ayurveda , Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Quantum aspects of human health , Reiki, and two of my very favorites : Kahuna’s secret medicine and  Nutrigenomics.

I started to understand how food we consume changes our bodies, and brains down to the cellular level , and how it affects how I feel physically and emotionally. The knowledge I got started opening my eyes, and I started making major diet changes, and I started felling better and better, it was like I entered a Matrix and I became my own avatar.  Not spending another winter in bed for the very first time in my life and not taking anymore pills was a euphoric feeling, that was it!

Inspired by the new way of experiencing life, continued to study, and educate myself about all aspects of health: nutrition, mental and spiritual. 

Today I see so many people eating a bad food and still  not correlating it with their bad health , this is the reason why I am so passionate about introducing people to our Honey Fusions.  

My nature is to help, to lift people up , to contribute to feeling better and that was the reason I created ODNOVA at Gosha’s Organics. The idea of creating this type of dietary supplements which are in a food form not a pill or powders , is a result of my 17 year of studies and research . It didn't happen overnight , it was rather a process which I intuitively recognized a  niche concept for a unique food supplement. taste good, something that you may be looking forward to have after waking up. 

Equipped with cutting-edge nutritional education , passion for healthy living , I began developing my first Honey Fusion in my own lab -like kitchen . Many of you may have heard already about my first product that was once loved by Victoria Beckham . Fueled by the excitement of all loyal customers I decided to expand the scope of my original product to create three improved nutritionally conscious formulas that deliver even  more balanced  and harmonious experience upon ingestion and overall health. 

If you are reading this post, you are likely one of the people, who somehow crossed my path or tried ODNVOA. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want to THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart.  

It is a true honor to know that ODNOVA is a part of your daily healthy ritual, and to have you as a friend. It is so much more special, because your support makes a great difference in many people who work with us , not to mention the thousand and thousand of bees that have a job because we need their honey. 

ODNOVA was not only a dream come true, but also a gentle reminder to me that if you are true to your values, and surround yourself with people who’s values are in alignment with yours , its is possible to see your vision of  important work you do to become your reality.  


Thank you for your unconditional support and your loyalty as we continue forward and experience the next chapter together. 


Conscious Nutrition Hunter 

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